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TenPoint Defender CLS


Riser attachment

Foregrip positioning for balance

Scope comes already mounted and sighted in





Assembly of the Defender CLS is pretty straightforward as the crossbow comes in just two pieces: stock+barrel and riser+limbs. You just have to make sure to place the cable saver right onto the cables, apply some lubricant to the cable saver where it contacts the flight rail and slide it in between the upper and lower barrel. As the riser is into position insert and tighten the Allen screws (4) with the enclosed wrenches (see pics) . These screws will package together the upper and lower barrels along with the riser. The resulting assembly will create a closed and rock solid frame. You can now adjust the front grip removing its two screws and positioning it in a way you feel comfortable. I prefer to move it out all the way to the front as it helps me balancing the weight forward design much better. The Defender CLS comes with TenPoint’s Pro View 4x32 illuminated multi reticle scope already mounted and pre-sighted saving you the frustration of some off target arrows during final setup.

The Defender CLS can be optionally equipped, shooting telescopic monopod (SteddyEddy) and transportation sling.


Manufacturer data:

TenPoint crossbow technologies

Defender CLS

Draw weight 175 Lbs

Power Stroke 13"

 KIT version  U.S. $1099 with ACU Draw

(price as of today 06/07/2009 found on   www.basspro.com)





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