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Gerber Gator II


Preformed Nylon Sheath

Belt loop

Drop point serrated edge



Manufacturer:   Gerber

Model:             Gator II

Blade style:       Drop Point, Serrated

Handle:            Textured Kraton 4.88 in

Blade:              AISI 420 4.20in


I have always been a fan of the Gerber Gator knife, in fact I purchased my first gator more than 10 years ago and, despite lots of use and some abuse it is still in perfect working condition. We had a chance to field test the new Gator II knife and the new one seems posed for success.



The Gator II comes in a neat preformed Nylon sheath with belt loop, the old Gator that is still in production, comes in a Nylon sheath as well but it is not pre-formed.


Ergonomics and features

 The reason I purchased my original Gator was, beside excellent blade, the extreme grippability of the handle: the plastic handle is textured mimicking the alligator skin (hence the name).  The new Gator II not only carries over the peculiar characteristics of the old one but goes further.

The grip has a new design, more comfortable, it still has the alligator skin texture, only enhanced to provide even better grip. Whereas the original had a squared streamlined section in the handle the new Gator II has a variable section to accommodate palm and fingers you can use even more force without fear of letting the knife slip. They also replaced all the screws with Torx ones.

Another area of design improvement is the blade. The knife blade is still made of AISI 420 steel that comes offered in different styles: Drop point, serrated and gut-hook variations.

I opted this time for the serrated Drop point. The blade, due to design, seems even bigger that it actually is: the knife is actually a little bigger that its predecessor at 4.20in.




Gerber Gator II

Drop Point, Serrated edge

Handle:  Textured Kraton 4.88 in

Blade:    AISI 420 4.20in




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