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Firenock International Firenock 2.0C



Firenock comes in 3pcs package with practice matched weight regular (non lighted) nocks.

Package content with plenty of OR to fit various carbons.

The Firenock has a bright LED and the assembly is spin tested!



The Firenock is a LED lighted nock that,  replacing your conventional nock,  will help you retrieve your arrow in case you miss your target or your game walks away with your arrow, the Firenock lighted nock is also helpful on the didactical side of shooting as it helps  identifying arrow flight problems : for example when using broadheads. The Firenock is different from other lighted nocks on the market (as the ones we reviewed here) as it uses a magnetic trigger to turn the LED on and off.

Before going further into the review of the Firenock a clarification is needed.

Firenock and Tracer Arrow used a similar (magnetic) system to activate the LED and for some time the two companies carried out their own business without paying too much attention to each other. Last year however Tracer Arrow patent for magnetic activation of the nock was bought by Easton (that decided to enter this business with its own product: the Easton Tracer), Easton then exercised its patent and Firenock was forced to pull its products from the US market. Firenock went back to the drawing board and invented a new system without the magnet (G -sensor) to activate the LED; this is the Firenock that is currently sold in the US. The Firenock with magnetic activation system is still currently available from Firenock International that is based in Hong Kong, but Firenock International products will not be available in the US.  What is available in the US is "G-series" which it is activated without usage of magnet and it is equipped with ultra mini G- sensor.


The Firenock International LED lighted nock v2.0c triggered by magnet is the object of this review.




The Firenock is sold in a blister package that includes:

·         Instruction manual and warranty

·         Three red LED lighted nock

·         Three replaceable batteries

·         O-Ring set to fit several diameter arrows

·         Three practice nocks (green) with matched weights

·         Activation magnet

·         Adhesive for the magnet

The Firenock v2.0C is available in half moon style only and it retails for about US$49.99 with shipping and handling (online) for the above package of three red nocks with circuit boards and three green nocks with matched weight for practice. 



Please visit www.firenockintl.com for more details or email contact@firenockintl.com for enquires .




Manufacturer data:

Firenock International Firenock 2.0C

Magnetically activated LED Lighted Nock




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