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Boo Strings review


Boo custom Flemish string on the Excalibur Equinox


The bare string without whiskers


Attention to detail


Absolutely perfect and tight serving (see the knot?)


Whiskers make for a quieter shot


Brace height is specified at order time


Sometimes I fail to put things in the correct perspective: I tend to assume that a crossbow is something that is set up and should stay set up as assembled by the manufacturer … right ?

Well… NO!  Your machine is the result of lots of thinking by the R&D but then prior to manufacturing, or assembly in this instance, every single screw undergoes a careful evaluation between function-cost- and margin, therefore every single crossbow in the market, even the most expensive,  is a compromise between these factors.  Sometimes replacing components or simply carefully selecting them allows you to get rid of the compromise and bring your machine to new heights.

We already had a chance to test Excalibur’s crossbows: the Equinox and the Vixen as you saw they all come equipped with a standard (Excel) string, we also saw that simply swapping the standard string with the optional Flemish string allows you to gain some free arrow speed. What we are testing here is the product of a well known (in this business) string maker: Don Katsumi.


Don is not a professional, in the sense that string making is not his primary business, but his products are much more than professional from any perspective. I am happy by the fact that Don does not run this a primary business as his products are not subject to any kind of compromise.


So why should you chose to have a custom string on your crossbow? Simply because he is committed to offer nothing but the best:  the materials are carefully chosen in order to offer a shock free shot and complete absence of creep:  currently Boo strings are made of 1/3 Vectran and 2/3 Dyneema. The serving is HALO. The materials are the results of his own testing and experience.


Absence of creep is a factor of primary importance in archery as any change in string length will screw up your careful set up.


The workmanship is simply out of this world, please take a look at how tightly the serving is, or try to see where the serving knot is (it is almost invisible) , also he delivered the string already impregnated and ready to use …


Another thing that sets these strings apart is that they are tailored to your own crossbow: at the time of order you have to specify every detail including the brace height you intend to use , if you are using an STS or not etc


Another good reason for you to have a custom Boo string is that you can chose string colors, though this will not give you a performance edge it will boost your ego: if you chose them wisely your crossbow will stand out from the rest!  We chose a red-brown combo to really stand out and a brown-grey setup that fits well with the camo on the Equinox.


You can also decide to have Cat’s Whiskers installed: these will cut some arrow speed but will also dampen sound pressure: your crossbow will shoot with less noise but also the sound will be lower in frequency (some sort of “Swoomp” )


We tested the strings using the Excalibur Vixen and two arrow set ups:


1) Factory setup with Excalibur carbon arrow + 100 grains point (total 384 grains)

2) Heavy setup Carbon Express CX Crossbolt+125 grains point (total 467 grains)

We used the Excalibur Vixen as a test bed and the results are the following:


Total weight Standard excel string DB Boo String 1 DB Boo String 2 with Wiskers Db
Factory +100 384 267 90 276 85 269 72
Crossbolt+125 467 253 89 259 84 253 71


As you can see these string provide a boost in performance over the standard string and in the version equipped with Wiskers the crossbow becomes quieter at the price of some FPS loss. As a side note the shot noise itself becomes lower in pitch therefore you get the impression of an even quieter release.



Boo strings are possibly the best strings you may find for your crossbow. Custom built to your specs from the best materials are made to last. Boo strings will improve the performance of your setup and provide a note of color as well.



PS: Performance table to be soon expanded with Equinox data! check back soon!


How to contact Don for a custom Boo string ?


Don Katsumi

C/O AutoTrend

1203 Broadview Ave

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M4K 2T1

Cell number 416 566 7966





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