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Beman Thunderbolt review


The Beman Thunderbolt, a honest carbon arrow


The Thunderbolt compared to other competitor offerings


Vanes gluing without residues


The aluminum RPS Insert


Simple but durable finish


Recently I had a chance buy a set of Beman Thunderbolt arrows

As the seller on the internet was asking a cheap price I bought 2 dozens so I have now some material for my review.

The Thunderbolt is a classic product from Beman meaning that it has been on their catalog for several years.  This carbon arrow is pretty basic in design as it finished just with a glossy clear paint that leaves the underlying carbon structure visible. The set that I bought was 20” in length and fitted with half moon nocks. The Thunderbolt is available also in 22” length and with flat nocks.

The Thunderbolt sports 4” vanes , the spin seems to be enough to steer large broadheads, at least coupled with our standard NAP Thunderhead 125 provided good results.

The vanes are glued to the shaft without leaving traces, a good indicator of the quality of this product (see picture)

The arrow come standard with aluminum threaded front inserts for replaceable points.

Speaking of quality we measured several samples and out of a set of 6 we measured the following arrow weights (20” with moon nocks and 4” Vanes)


Sample 1:   293.4

Sample  2:  293.6

Sample 3:   293.8

Sample 4:   294.1

Sample 5:   294.8

Sample 6:   294.9

As you can see the weight is really consistent and this is a good point especially for arrows that are not that expensive and matching the advertised +-2 grains weight tolerance.

The arrow features an outside diameter of 22/64" that is standard for crossbow arrows.

The Beman Thunderbolt also proved to be very durable, I have been using the same arrow for testing all crossbows and so far the finish is holding very well.

You can see in the pics two arrows have numbers marked on the vanes, this is because we use a set of arrows of different weights to test all crossbow and derive an efficiency chart, this puts the very same arrow samples under a good test with very powerful crossbows such as the Barnett Predator (375 FPS) as well make them take a tremendous stress being stopped in our ethafoam target.

The only negative point is that this arrow is on the light side and with some crossbow in order to reach the minimum arrow weight needs to be coupled with a heavy point (125grains to reach the standard 420 grains)


UPDATE: Beman no longer sells the Thunderbolt arrows the new model is named ICS LIghting Bolt, it features the company patented ViBrake bolt insert.


Manufacturers data

Beman Carbon Arrows

Thunderbolt 20"

Half moon nocks

Aluminum RPS inserts

4" Vanes






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