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Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow review

By Mirko & Walter Valagussi  October2009


New small design

Missing safety? it's on the other side! sorry right hand only

An optional crank coking device can be installed





The Barnett Wilcat C5 is nice to handle thanks to its rather compact dimensions: the crossbow has a 13” power stroke and this reduces the length considerably (compared to other Barnett compound crossbows). The Wildcat is in fact the shortest of Barnett’s at 33.5” (Predator is 37” and Revolution AVi is 37.5”) and one of the lighter at 5.7 pounds (Predator is 9 and revolution AVi is 7.7) . The limbs so not feature the AVi cover and thanks to their reduced power (150 Pounds) are not as beefy as , say the Revolution AVI , this means that there is much less weigh in the front so the Wildcat is not lighter it is feels much lighter. This shifts weight toward the center of mass makes the crossbow faster and quicker to take into aim. Small dimensions are also a bonus for hunters who need to move or hunt into confined spaces such as threestands or ground blinds.


The low bow poundage is a bonus for your back when cocking: 150 pounds are not that heavy and you can hand cock this crossbow, two markings on the serving will help you keeping aligned during cocking.


A rope cocker is available as option: the rope engages in a slot behind the trigger box. The Wildact C5 just like its brother Quad AVi features hidden slots behind the cheekpiece to fit the crank cocking mechanism, also optional. I strongly suggest you to use a rope cocker: it is inexpensive and you will precisely cock the crossbow in order to exploit the full potential in precision.


The automatic safety is right handed only and, while it may be operated with the thumb, on our sample it was quite hard to operate , in order to be put into fire mode it required two fingers and some attention taking you off shooting position.




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Manufacturer's data:

Barnett Outdoors LLC

Model: Wildcat C5

Draw weight 150 Lbs

Power Stroke 13"

Weight 5.9 pounds

Camo version with red dot or 4x32 scope quiver and four arrows US $ 324.99

(price as of today 20/10/2009 found on   http://www.crossbowwarehouse.com/ )


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