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 Barnett crank cocking device

By  Mirko  Valagussi July 2010


Barnett cranc coking device on the C5

Anti reverse mechanism

Pulley to help smooth the cocking action

The sled that picks the string


 As a crossbow enthusiast you are well aware of the advantages of a crank type cocking device: you can easily load your crossbow with minimal effort and (sometimes overlooked) you can cock your crossbow precisely. The latter meaning that the string , tanks to the balanced load is drawn back  straight with very equal load on both limbs. This allows you to exploit the grouping precision potential of your crossbow. There is also a safety factor, with a crank device you can pause the cocking action at any moment and the string will remain still , try to do the same with bare hands….

Barnett has two types of crank coking devices in its catalog: one I designed to fit adjustable stocks( Predator, quad AVI etc) and one to sit concealed in the stock that will fit the Wildcat C5, Quad 400 AVI etc. we tested this latter one.

Mounting the crank device is pretty easy, I would say anyone with minimal mechanical skills could do it but as there are some tiny pieces to position if you fell not comfortable to handle such small mechanical parts let your pro shop do the work.

We installed our sample onto our Wildcat C5 in just under 5 minutes, so it is a pretty easy task. We have to note however ( at least on our sample) that the draft angle of the pocket that houses the mechanism prevented the correct mounting, we had to do some little adjustment. Nothing important but some more work to do.


Once installed the device is almost invisible, differently from other implementations that add some bulk to the end of the stock this concealed inside, just the cable indicate that the device is there.

Device operation is pretty straightforward: just pull the sled over the string and rotate the handle, an anti reverse safety device prevents the handle to rotate back and you can simply let go the handle at any time, it won’t move.


Once the string is cocked you can rest the cocking sled and remove the cocking handle simply removing a screw.


We found this device online at just under US$125. The price is aligned to similar devices but tends to add some mean expense to the crossbow package especially on entry level models. It is however a suggested investment as it will help you cocking precisely and with little effort, just have you pro shop install it.



Manufacturer data:

Barnett crank cocking device

Part Number Barnett 17031

Found online at US$124.99


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